GodLike: Handheld Dot

GodLike: Handheld Dot 1.0.00

Combine trading card tactics with action-packed battles

From developers KKplay, GodLike: Handheld Dot puts a fresh spin on the world of idle games, combining trading card tactics with action-packed battles. One of the most popular games of its kind online, you'll find millions of active users to play along with, whether you're looking to recruit allies to your cause, or seeking out the perfect opponent for an ultimate face off.

Earn bonuses and experience points the more you win, and keep your eyes peeled to uncover and learn new combo moves for devastating attacks on the enemy.

This fantasy epic takes place in an expansive world of heroes, villains and magic. Players take on the lead role of a hero, with over 100 individual avatars to choose from. Once players have downloaded the app and signed in, they can start playing straight away.

Get out there and meet with like-minded players who can help take you to the top, or establish an unbeatable team of heroes with others online. You can play your favourite mini games from wherever, with offline mode play that gives players free access to all the essentials, even without an internet connection. Perfect for when you want to hone your skills and practice in your downtime.

This trading card inspired game is all about co-operation and coordination. Be careful who trust and make friends with, and be extra vigilant when trading. When it's time to play card battles, you can choose from one of several of dynamic arenas and gaming environments, making a huge improvement over a traditional card table or plain interface.

There's no need to wait for the AI or other player to finish their move - GodLike: Handheld Dot is a fast-paced puzzler, making for less idle time and more interaction demanded of the player.

Whether you're brand new to the game or a dab hand at play, you'll be surprised at just how level the playing field is here. Novices and pros can do battle with the same blind odds, relying on luck and chance combos to best the competition, rather than experience and hit points. Learn new skills to make your strategy even more unbeatable.

GodLike: Handheld Dot


GodLike: Handheld Dot 1.0.00

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